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Selasa, 23 Februari 2010

Quote of the day

Love is like energy. It can never be created nor destroyed...it is just always there. You just have to realize that fact and you have to learn that as soon as you stopped loving him in the way you did that love left to somewhere else. Now all you have to do is find out where that love went. That love went to whoever the next person in your life will be. That next person could be one of your friends or someone you might dislike, you just have to find that out..
-Ian Philpot-

Sabtu, 13 Februari 2010

hello again..................

haiii!! ohhh how many minutes or seconds or hours or months I did not write a blog? aawwhhh nnoooooooooo ..!!! heheheehehhe.
I was busy the last few months because I'm undergoing internship in PT. Antar Mitra Prakarsa (I'll post the story behind and many pictures there later ..).
Because that's my internship activities very rarely come into contact with the virtual world! I really miss the blog and online shopping! hehehehehe.
Although I do not write blog for a long timeee *sigh...*, I took pictures a few times, when I have spare time .. not only that ... I also went to some place like PSYCHOLYMPIC, then my boyfriend futsal match *with fantastic results! 22-0 !!!!!* HUA! hahaahhahahahaha ... and today ... I was shopping at the area of Tebet-South Jakarta , met with Diana Rikasari! Indonesian BryanBoy ... hahahahahh. She's sooo nice and I really hope to meet again and share a few things about fashion or anything else with her!  

me n Diana Rikasari @Bloop

@EF Futsal Match
Angga, my BF is sssooooooooo sweating!!!!iihhhyyyuuueeehhhh..hehehe.peace, dear.
ah ya!!PSYCHOLYMPIC @ Atmajaya with Lana

unbranded short, unbarnded top, my mom's vest, necklace from my bf, STUDIONINE wedges, some unbranded rings..

unbranded top, ZARA legging, Edward Forrer gladiator sandals, unbranded rings and necklace

yakkk, I gotta go .. wait for the next post!

Jumat, 15 Januari 2010

quote of the day

"It's so easy; to think about love, to talk about love, to wish for love...
But it's not always easy to recognize love, even when we hold it...
in our hands."

Selasa, 12 Januari 2010

oh wow nina ricci pre fall 2010 collection!

i like these collection..!simply but georgeous..!

it's not 'just khaki dress'

it's not 'just a pair of clothes for work'
and..the bag...is it made from velvet or what? i want the soft one like it! ;D

see the cardigan!!lovely!

it's not 'just a black dress'

OOHH....yes, it's just made from two colours, but..if u can hate it??
the blazer is sooo lovely. n the gloves?yeah i think u want it.


i'm sorry if those pics r too small..hiks.i don't know why..
r these large enough??hahaha..


boys from left: alberto-ryan-david
girls from left: faza-dea-me-icha-lya-sari-putri

Minggu, 10 Januari 2010


How long have we met?? Hahaha. Yeah, I do not very often write a blog .. sorry ..

Last Christmas I was sharing a story n some pics, right? For the new year, not much I do. I celebrate with my family at my house with a simple event. Unfortunately, I did not get to take photos at that time.

My other activities after the new year is to find and register an internship. There is 1 place that has tested me and my friend, Sari, but until now I do not know if I am accepted or not .. That's why, I just spend my time at home! Very boring! Huhuhuuuhu ..

But ...

Yesterday, friends of the "URBIE Ambassador" held a social gathering at SUSHI TEI, Senayan City ..! Delighted!

sushi tei n gathering = perfect!

URBIEgirls.. ;p

me, as a 'treasurer', gave the cash for the winner of the 1st gathering... Putri!!!

some of URBIE Ambassador..

what i wore: everythings unbranded n my whitey Rayban!!
i like my vintagepurple bag..it's new from Mangga Dua.

P.S. thanks to Raisha Wirapersada n her SLR!!! ;D

Selasa, 29 Desember 2009

n these r the pics


@ GrandIndonesia - PULL n BEAR's fashion show with Angga, Bethany Putri, n Cere
i wore Chizue's one shoulder dress, unbranded belt, Bali's accessories, Forever21 necklace

unbranded shirt, unbranded short, SISTERmagz's shawl, SISTERmagz's green goody bag, STUDIONINE sandals, Bali's accessories, Rayban white

unbranded shirt, my mom's blazer, BLOOP bandage skirt, Charles n Keith's sandals, unbranded necklace, Rayban white

PinkLabel white sequin bodycon dress, Bali's accessories, unbranded necklace, unbranded rings, unbranded heels

we're McD's addict!!hhahahhahaha

red mango's addict..

sushi esp Jumbo dragon roll @Sushi Tei ADDICT!!!uuu yeaahh i love sushi!!

the moments before the final exam courses Observations with Sari n Dame

pameran batik @SMESCO

w/ my sis before go to..ummm well, i'm forget.hahaha
i wore my mom's black top, unbranded shawl, unbranded dark grey legging, Malioboro's accessories

BLOOP blue jacket, HOLLISTER yellow shirt, Colorbox jeans, STUDIONINE sandals, unbranded necklace, Rayban white

@ my church, St.Anna
i wore unbranded red bodycon dress, unbranded angel's necklace, unbranded rings

top as a gift from Angga, Bali's accessories, PRADA bag, GUESS necklace, unbranded rings, unbranded creme jeans

@DEBENHAMS Senayan City w/ my sis